Project Details:

The new office space is open, modern, bright and fun, with an eclectic inspiration of world travel..
  • Clients
  • Location Sharjah
  • Area 5000 sq.ft
  • Scope Design and Build

“The new office space is open, modern, bright and fun, with an eclectic inspiration of world travel. Inviting one to explore, zones were created throughout the space that tell a story of travel, through custom birds-eye view imagery of international landmarks made into intriguing patterns. Individual work spaces blend with common areas and gathering spaces, and small retreats are dispersed across the office which encourage collaboration and informal meetings – all to accommodate choice and people’s different work styles. A kitchen lounge and breakout spaces also offers environments to socialize, foster relationships and to host guests, all with wayfinding graphics to make navigation throughout the office simple and fun. The new space offers a forward-thinking work experience that affords the opportunities their staff had been looking for to do their jobs well, while enjoying themselves in an inspiring space. Biophilic elements are incorporated throughout the space, with plant life complemented by natural woods, concrete floors, and carpeting patterned with organic motifs. “The power of the original solutions resonates already in the desk arrangement. The counter, decorated with glass reinforced with black mesh, catches the eye. Just above it, there is a spectacular “circle” lighting. The lamp model has been selected to match the recurring interior shapes. At the reception desk, there are also elements made of architectural concrete. . Our design scheme was driven by the use of natural light and architectural vistas to create a space that takes a step away from the usual corporate solution. A neutral and professional color palette was incorporated into the furniture, fabrics and floor finishes using bold colors, derived from Musafir’s branding, as striking accents in their breakout area and open plan workspace. The design concept was driven by creating a flexible, modern and forward-thinking workspace infused with the richness in aesthetic detail.  The overall look and feel of the space is a nod towards the possibilities of clever design.